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Attention Doctoral Students and Faculty Members

Bilkent University will be hosting the second "Seminar on Consumption Theory" in Ankara, Turkey. This is a seven-day intensive seminar to be held between June 11 and June 17, 2007 and is open to all interested doctoral students and faculty members.

The web site for the seminar is

The following faculty members have kindly committed to
attend the event:

Eric Arnould, University of Arizona
Søren Askegaard, University of Southern Denmark-Odense
Russell Belk, University of York
Güliz Ger, Bilkent University
Douglas Holt, Oxford University
Sidney Levy, University of Arizona
Arvind Rajagopal, New York University
Elizabeth Shove, Lancaster University
Richard Wilk, Indiana University

You can ask your further questions or make your applications to Berna Tari (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

All the best,

Berna Tari

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